Hotel Ryuoo / Ryuoo Hotel

Hotel Ryuoo is located in the Northeastern part of Nagano Prefecture in Yamanouchi Town. Our hotel is a resort hotel in the North Shiga Highlands Ryuoo ski park where we are blessed with stunningscenery in each of the four seasons.

Our hotel is located right in Ryuoo ski park, at the bottom of the Number one valley ski run, our location is
fantastic as there are (ski) slopes both to the left and right of the hotel.

Our winter plan is available from mid-December until the end of March.。

We have a special deal on Combined Ropeway and Lift tickets (usually ¥4500) that comes with a Nighter
ticket (usually ¥2000)!!
★ Please call us for more details at 0269-33-6211。
※ As we are located right in the middle of the ski slope, we ask that you check in by 5pm.
(After 5pm there is no pick up at the bus center)


★Ryuoo Bus Information Center Shuttle Bus schedule
(Bus Information Center → Hotel)
7:00AM 〜5:00PM
Prepare your belongings and come to the mountainside entrance of the Ryuoo bus information center.
You can not go to the parking lot.

★Return bus shuttle bus schedule (Hotel → Bus Information Center)10:00AM/12:00PM/3:00PM〜4:00PM(Last bus)
※The Shuttle bus will only run back and forth between the Bus Information Center and the hotel.
The bus will not take passengers without luggage, to move luggage, for shopping, etc…

◆Overnight plan including two meals(All rooms have a bath and toilet)

East Wing(All rooms have a bath and a toilet)Japanese rooms and Western rooms. One night with two meals

Cost per person for a one-night stay with two meals


Day before a holiday

New Year's Holidays

〈One room with five or more guests〉




〈One room with three to four guests or more〉




〈One room with two guests〉




◆Children's rates: Up to elementary school…80% of the rate for adults / Three years of age and under…¥2,000 per child(No meals or bedding)
★Rates for January 7th, 8th & February 11th increase by ¥2,000

★.Discount lift tickets are for sale inside the hotel.
★.Ski ・ board rental great discount
Wouldn't you like to spend your time leisurely in the room of your choice?
East Wing… 40 Western-style rooms ・ 21 Japanese-style rooms ※All rooms have a bath and toilet.

★Area guide

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